Natural Kawakawa & Colostrum - Moisturising Balm - Small

Natural Kawakawa & Colostrum - Moisturising Balm - Large

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A soothing healing and moisturising balm using the healing power of New Zealand Kawakawa leaf. Essential oil scent combo of Neroli, Ylang-ylang and others.

Designed for daily use after washing with Parry Soaps.

  • Totally natural moisturiser

  • Attractive glass jar

  • Good for all skin types

We use natural Taranaki beeswax from our local beekeeper, unrefined traditionally made Ghanian shea butter, pure virgin Fijian coconut oil, avocado and several other oils from New Zealand, our bovine colostrum, natural Vitamin D from lichen, plant material, essential and fragrance oil, Rosemary oleoresin is used to support the mix.